Natural Geometry


Math can be fun, of course it can. If you use engaging teaching methods, children will start to be interested in a really exciting subject. In a sensory way, touching and manipulating the pieces, we will work on the name of the shapes and the name of the colors, in addition to developing logical reasoning and imagination, spatial intelligence and the understanding of notions such as different shapes.

The main idea is to roll the three dice (geometric shape, color and pattern), find the corresponding pieces and assemble the figure that meets the premises that they indicate. There is only one possible result for each combination. It is an evolutionary game in which we can define the degree of difficulty according to the children's abilities.

The set consists of 21 pieces, 6 geometric shapes (square, circle, oval, triangle, hexagon and star), 6 colored rings (red, yellow, blue, orange, purple and green), 6 circles with 6 different types of patterns or lines (painted on both sides) and 3 dice, one for the 6 colors, another for the 6 geometric shapes and another for the 6 types of lines.

Some game proposals

Proposal 1: Place all the pieces on a surface and roll the three dice. We have one die for the geometric shapes, another for the colors, and another for the patterns. We have to find the corresponding pieces and assemble the figure that meets the premises that they indicate. Initially we can start by throwing only a single die and later complicate it with the rest.

Proposal 2: We can select any shape with its type of plot and color or offer it to the child to use as a template or guide to be able to draw it on paper and later color them and recreate the corresponding lines.

Proposal 3: Of a greater degree of difficulty and for several participants. One of the participants rolls the dice and hides them. The rest of the participants, in turns, will try to guess and recreate the correct combination. The person who knows the combination will indicate the number of hits or misses (from 1 to 3) Mastermind type.

_ As all Cocoletes materials, it is made entirely by hand, in beech wood, taking care and pampering every detail. Smooth finish and perfectly sanded edges

_ Each piece comes from a wood cut, so the product will present differences in the shape and tone of its veins compared to the images shown.

_ Free of varnishes or toxic. Completely safe and respectful painting in accordance with EN 71-3 regulations for the safety of toys.


Data sheet

Recommended age
From 3 years
Designed and manufactured according to the European directive for toy safety (EN71 Standard)
Tested: EN 71-1:2014 +A1:2018 ----- EN 71-2:2020 ----- EN 71-3:2019 +A1:2021 ------- ISO 8124-3:2020 ----- ASTM F963-17
Wood used
Geometric Shapes: 12 x 12 cm approx
Colored Hoops: 6 cm
Stroke circles: 4.5 cm
Dice: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 cm
Total number of pieces
Box Dimensions
26 x 18 x 6 cm

Specific References

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