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Pass of the time. Materials to play to understand the passage of time

Understand the time

Getting familiar with and understanding the passage of time is not always easy. We put at your disposal a series of materials with which to work in a playful, friendly and natural way on the days of the week, the lunar cycle and the changes that take place in each of the seasons.

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  • Moon's calendar

    The Moon, in addition to being our natural satellite, is also one of the most interesting and striking natural phenomena that can be observed in the night sky. This makes it a source of fascination for both children and adults but, in the specific case of the little ones, it is also very interesting because of the changes that are observed on the Moon as the days pass and its phases change. With our puzzle you will be able to represent and observe the evolution in each of the form phases.


  • Weekly calendar

    Placing the children in time is not an easy task, with this type of calendar they experiment with the beginning and end of the day and the concept of the week and allow them to get closer to the notion of time in a very visual way. The days are represented, faithful to the Cocoletes style, by some colored trunks, which the child has to change and place each day in the center of the flower according to its color and in this way they assimilate the passage of time.

    This calendar, more than a toy, is an object for the whole family and will be incorporated into the daily routine. 

    Available in multiple languages ​​and custom colors.

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