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Logic and Mathematics

Logic and Mathematics

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    Tower of Hanoi


    The Tower of Hanoi (also known as the Tower of Brahma or the Tower of Luke) is a mathematical game or puzzle. It consists of a base with 3 rods and 9 oak discs of different sizes that can slide on any rod.

    The puzzle begins with the disks in a neat stack on a rod, in ascending order of size, the smallest at the top, thus forming a conical shape.

    The objective of the puzzle is to move the entire pile to another rod, obeying its simple rules.


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    The top


    At first glance it looks like a normal stacking tower, but La Cima is much more than that ... It is a series of pieces of different sizes, made of pine and oak. It is an evolutionary material.

    There are many concepts that are developed: fine motor skills, visual perception, concentration, mathematics, as well as language and concepts: size (large-small), geometry, color, weight (light-heavy), touch (the soft sides). , the edges) ..

    With this material the child is prepared to understand mathematical concepts such as the decimal system, geometry and volume.

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    Color Tokens


    We present you our version of the Montessori color box. It consists of a board, 9 circular tiles with the three primary colors and 9 rectangular ones. On each of them 3 colored circles have been painted on both sides, with the different possible combinations that can be derived when distributing the circular tiles on the board.

    It is an evolutionary and complete game. The little ones will start by stacking the cards, later they will be able to classify them by colors or shapes and finally they will test their ability to observe and concentrate while performing the different sequences indicated.

    They allow working sensory stimulation, attention and visual skills.

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    Senderos del Bosque


    Following the same line of our Color Cards, we bring you a new game based on Montessori pedagogy. The dynamics are the same, they have to move the colored tiles along the path until they are arranged according to the sequence indicated on the rectangular tiles.

    Forest trails is not only a skill game for children, it is also a very beautiful and striking game that will awaken your attention due to the colors and the particular touch of the wood.

    And that's not all, it's about 2 games in one. On the back of the main board and rectangular tiles, there are painted green and brown arrows (forest colors), ideal for children to practice with perception and laterality.

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    Animals and their tracks


    Memory games are always a hit. In our version, made of natural wood and painted by hand, we have 8 pairs of animals with their respective tracks. The silhouettes are perfectly recognizable by children (horse, pig, cow, cat, dog, chicken, duck and rabbit), so in addition to a memory it becomes a perfect field manual that cannot accompany our nature escapes. It is available in two versions, in natural slice and square beech tokens.

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    The Jenga game of a lifetime but with the stamp of Cocoletes. Its blocks are made by hand in natural juniper, which gives it a characteristic aroma and color.

    It is a game of physical and mental ability, in which participants must remove blocks from a tower in turns and place them on top of it to form new levels and grow in size.

    It requires concentration, observation and skill, in addition to working on motor skills and eye-hand coordination awakens imagination and creativity.

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    A tower, a castle, a house, animals ... as much as you can imagine. The set consists of 21 pieces of three types, a cube, a ribbon and a "U". They all fit together which increases the possibilities of play.

    These kinds of games allow the child to give free rein to their imagination and their actions, they also introduce them to the fields of geometry and mathematics, at the same time that they sensitize them to the vision of shapes and volumes.

    It is an evolutionary and unlimited material that offers opportunities and challenges for all ages. The game evolves together with the child and allows to cross the limits of self-knowledge and the material.

    It is made of natural solid wood, so the touch and warmth of the pieces is fascinating and evocative.

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