The village and its Trunk inhabitants

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Welcome to the village of Cocoletes. A beautiful sustainable and ecological village. Its 6 little houses will house great adventures and stories. The little ones will enjoy and put their imagination to the test while playing with the possible combinations. Also this time, the village houses are inhabited by the Troncoletes, and who are the Troncoletes? The Troncoletes are pieces or wooden figures painted in different colors, so that your child's imagination transforms them into whatever he wants at each moment of the game: a person? A gnome? Everything is possible.

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_The set consists of 6 trunks and 6 houses

_All the pieces come from oak branches, juniper or different fruit trees and retain part of the bark. With the passage of time pieces or even whole could come off. This cannot be considered a defect in the wood, rather a property of it, and the piece is sure to retain its charm.

_Hand painted with non-toxic and environmentally friendly paint according to EN-71.

_Each piece comes from different cuts of wood, so it will present differences in terms of the shape and tone of its grain.

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Data sheet

Recommended age
From 18 Months
Wood used
Oak, pear, strawberry, alder or similar
Houses. 6x8 cm Troncoletes 8 cm apros.
Total number of pieces
Box Dimensions
34 x 16 x 7 cm

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Forest scene

The forest is a fascinating place where millions of animals live. In the trees, in the ground, in the water, even underground, live some very interesting beings whom we respect, love and inspire us.

Roughly we will tell you that the different scenarios or landscapes are built by fitting the elements in a base with guides, although these are also fastened outside the base. The possibilities are endless and expandable.

All the figures have been cut and painted by hand (... like everything in Cocoletes), which makes them magical and unique pieces.

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