Cocoletes began its journey in 2018, but in reality, the idea came a year before with the birth of our first son. We are Nuria and Jonás, and of course our children. They are the ones who brought about our great change of life and consciousness.

From our workshop in Navaleno (Soria) we design and create ecological and sustainable games and materials. With care and in harmony with Nature, with our hands as the main tool we work the wood and we mold each one of the pieces. We do not mass-produce or use sophisticated automatic tools. We believe that only in this way can we make the most of the raw material and, at the same time, respect its own natural beauty. That is our essence. Cocoletes would not be possible otherwise. The results are unique materials, each with its own charm but they all carry a bit of us.

  • Recuperando madera
  • Madera recuperada

Retrieving woods from an elm door

We use woods from our environment. A good part of it is collected by ourselves after the training and cleaning pruning that our family, neighbor or friends do. The rest, we acquire in the sawmills of the area and using only wood from sustainable forests with FSC and PEFC certification.

Our toys promote free play, creativity and above all respect and love for Nature. When designing, we always keep our little ones in mind and the reflections and studies of great pedagogical references such as María Montessori, Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner), Heike Freire, etc.

In short, we can affirm that we love what we do. We are proud of the change we made and of each of our advances. Each completed order fills us with satisfaction and encouraged us to continue working so that more and more children can have Cocoletes in their hands.