Pieces of forest obtained with all respect

Pieces of forest

Indeed, here you will find authentic pieces of forest, obtained that yes, with all due respect. In order to obtain these sections or branches, no tree has been cut down just because. All the wood that we use in this section comes only from training or cleaning prunings that are carried out cyclically to keep the forest and crops in good condition.

Wood in its purest form, with all its aromas and nuances, with a pleasant and safe touch for the little ones.

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  • Musical trunks

    At first glance they may seem like some little tree branches as stackable ones, but our trunks hide a surprise, when they are shaken they make noise. Inside they contain different elements such as marbles, seeds or pebbles, so each one makes different sounds.

    Its characteristic touch, the unmistakable smell, its taste and these simple shapes... everything is special for babies and more if it comes from such a primary element as wood.

    It is a versatile material. The little ones will use them as a rattle. A rattle is used to make the baby realize that by himself, with his movements he can make things happen around him. Later they used it as construction elements, incorporating them without a doubt into their mini-worlds.